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GLA Election Candidates Questionnaire

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

We asked the main Mayoral and GLA election candidates for their policies regarding Hammersmith Bridge by asking them to complete a questionnaire...

Communities throughout South West London have been severely impacted by the total closure of the bridge with devastating effects on their lives, mental wellbeing, children, employment and businesses. The closure of the bridge has significantly increased traffic congestion and pollution in Mortlake, Sheen, Chiswick, Fulham and Putney. Currently there appears to be no solution in sight. It is therefore, very important for the many thousands of voters in this part of London to understand the views of the London Assembly candidates with regard to Hammersmith Bridge as they decide where to place their vote on 6th May.

The following are the candidates standing for London Mayor, and for the General London Assembly seats that impact on #HammersmithBridge, listed alphabetically.

There is also a lower tier of London-wide representatives to vote for.

The questionnaire was sent to those who are highlighted yellow.

If they replied, their name will be highlighted green.

Click on their name to see the response.

Mayoral Candidates: (20) on the Pink Ballot Paper

Shaun Bailey - Conservative Party Candidate Kam Balayev - Renew Sian Berry - Green Party Count Binface - Count Binface for Mayor of London Valerie Brown - The Burning Pink Party Piers Corbyn - Let London Live Max Fosh - Independent Laurence Fox - The Reclaim Party Peter Gammons - UKIP Richard Hewison - Rejoin EU Vanessa Hudson - Animal Welfare Party - People, Animals, Environment Steven Kelleher - Social Democratic Party Sadiq Khan - Labour Party David Kurten - Heritage Party Farah London - Independent Nims Obunge - Independent Niko Omilana - Independent Luisa Porritt - Liberal Democrats Mandu Reid - Vote Women’s Equality Party on orange Brian Rose - London Real Party

Click here for a full list of Mayoral Candidates with pictures and any mini-manifesto they have submitted to the Greater London Returning Officer (GLRO)

London Assembly Constituency Candidates - South West (6) on the Yellow Ballot Paper

(Hounslow, Kingston upon Thames and Richmond upon Thames) Candice Amelia Atterton - Labour and Co-operative Party Sylvia Da Barca - Let London Live Dominique Day - ReformUK – London Deserves Better Andree Michelle Freeze - Green Party Gareth David Roberts - Liberal Democrats Nicholas James Rogers - Conservative Party

London Assembly Constituency Candidates - West Central (6) on the Yellow Ballot Paper

(Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea & Westminster) Rita Begum - Labour and Co-operative Party Tony Devenish - Conservative Party Heiko Bernard Khoo - Let London Live Zack Polanski - Green Party Saradhi Rajan - ReformUK – London Deserves Better Ted Townsend - Liberal Democrats

Click here for a full list of London Assembly candidates by constituency

London-wide Assembly Candidates (too many to list) on the Orange Ballot Paper

Click here for a full list of London Assembly London-wide candidates

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The Liberal Democrats have their ears to the ground and knowing the distress they obviously respond to questionnaires to make every effort to bring attention to the plight of those living round Hammersmith Bridge.

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