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Hammersmith Bridge Protest

organised by

Hammersmith Residents’ Bridge Campaign

(an independent group run separately from HBSOS by Alastair Lewis)


Saturday 5th December 2pm - 4pm


At 2pm:

Meet at Craven Cottage football ground

Stevenage Park, Fulham, London SW6 6NP

Then march north along the river path to Hammersmith Bridge

Hammersmith bridge is broken and despite the plan for a Temporary Bridge Structure unveiled last week nothing can happen until the funding is sorted out. The closure and ongoing delays have caused severe problems in the Borough.  The increase in traffic due to vehicles having to go via Chiswick or Putney to cross the river results in long, stationary traffic jams throughout H&F and the local areas which has also created huge amounts of extra pollution. 

Thousands of people are struggling to get to work, school or hospital because the bridge is shut.

Please come and show your frustration and disappointment at this lamentable state of affairs.

Something needs to be done - now!

Bring your friends. Please wear face masks

To download a pdf of the Flyer & Map below please click here

HRBC Rally Poster FINAL.jpg
HRBC Rally Route Map FINAL.jpg

Previously... below are pictures and videos from events of recent weeks

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