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Timeline Of Works For Hammersmith Bridge

It is HBSOS' understanding that LBH&F are optimistic the feasibility study into the Fosters & Partners / COWI temporary truss structure offers the real possibility of fully re-opening #HammersmithBridge much sooner than previously envisaged and at a significantly reduced cost.


However even if the funding was agreed now for the repair, with or without this Temporary Road Bridge proposal being included, no new work beyond ongoing engineering analysis would actually take place on the bridge until at least March next year while any frames and trusses were constructed off-site before being craned into place.


Subject to this ongoing engineering analysis finding the bridge to be more stable than was first thought (which originally lead to the full closure) and because LBH&F's Continued Case for Safe Operation (CCSO) was only designed to be a temporary status until the bridge is permanently stabilised and made safe, if the CCSO deems the bridge safe to be used by pedestrians and cyclists, (and a plan for funding and repair is agreed), LBH&F have said they 'will not hesitate to re-open' it.


Lots of 'if's, but they are all possible, so Nigel from the HammersmithBridgeSOS Steering Group has put together this Gantt Chart to show the Project Schedule for these works on Hammersmith Bridge, and how this would potentially allow at least 8 months where pedestrians could return to using the bridge. or the walkways.

N.B. This timescale will increase if approvals (e.g. from Heritage England) take longer than expected.

Hammersmith TimelineV3.jpg
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