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30 April 2021

Why can’t London fix Hammersmith Bridge and Crossrail ?

The Evening Standard

One is a bridge which we can’t use. The other is a tunnel which isn’t open.Hammersmith Bridge and Crossrail: easy metaphors for a city in trouble. The capital needs to get its confidence back after Covid. Sorting out these embarrassments would help.

10 February 2021

Phantom Sign Swipers, Mental Health, early reopening, TRB and ferry

The Barnes Village Bugle

Articles on our signs, our joint (with the BCA) Mental Health Survey, no early opening of the bridge to pedestrians, feasibility study on the Fosters & Partners TRB and an update on TFL's ferry procurement process

14 September 2020

Hammersmith Bridge farce is apocalyptic for trade, warn businesses

The Evening Standard

Despairing shopkeepers and restaurant owners based on either side of the crippled Hammersmith Bridge today spoke of how trade had collapsed by as much as half since it was closed to pedestrian and cyclists last month.

10 September 2020

Hammersmith Bridge: Task force appointed to reopen crossing


A Government task force has been launched to reopen Hammersmith Bridge.

Cracks in the pedestals led to motor vehicles being prohibited from using the 133-year-old cast iron bridge in April 2019.

12 September 2020

Hammersmith Bridge: Who will stump up the cash for the repair bill?


Furious residents left in limbo by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge are still wondering who will foot the £140m repair bill. The West London bridge has been closed to traffic for over a year and 2 weeks ago all crossings were stopped.

24 April 2021

The Times view on a fitting tribute: Prince Philip Bridge

The Times

Nothing today would be more economically important and symbolic of a long Royal tradition than a new Prince Philip Bridge over the Thames, replacing the expiring Hammersmith Bridge, unsafe and closed at huge cost to traffic, pedestrians and all water traffic below...

4 October 2020

Bridge Of Sighs


The Barnes Village Bugle

Oh the bridge. Where to start? So much has happened this month and yet so little too. Barnes is still marooned and so far nobody has come up with any money for a temporary bridge...

12 September 2020

Decaying bridge Fiasco turns poor old Britain into a laughing stock


In 92 years Muriel Seaman cannot remember ever feeling this embarrassed for Britain. Causing the shame is a cast-iron suspension bridge over the Thames at Hammersmith, once a monument to Victorian...

8 September 2020

Why is this a bridge too far...


It says everything about modern Britain's paralysis: an iconic bridge across the Thames shut even to boats passing beneath it... because squabbling officials can't agree who should pay to fix it

23 February 2021

Ferry won’t start until summer - with passengers forced to pay

The Evening Standard

TfL say additional time requested by bidders “means it is unlikely ferry will begin before summer”. Residents say plans to charge £1.55 per trip breach their belief that replacement ferry service would be free

1 October 2020

Shaun Bailey interviews Grant Shapps at the Conservative Conference

Shaun Bailey interviews the Transportation Minister about Hammersmith Bridge.


10 September 2020

We must end the Hammersmith Bridge Fiasco

The Evening Standard

After nearly a month of enormous stress for tens of thousands of people living near Hammersmith Bridge, yesterday Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced he was launching a government task force to reopen the closed crossing...


7 September 2020

London Bridges really are falling down

The New York Times

Three major crossing on the Tames are closed to cars - one of them, Hammersmith Bridge, considered too dangerous even to walk across. Even the landmark Tower Bridge was recently shut for two days.