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Links To Helpful Resources

Here we've collected links to resources and stakeholders who can help our cause. Please do reach out to these leaders and organisations and let them know how disrupted your life is because of the Hammersmith Bridge situation. Demand a stop gap crossing solution and long-term repairs to the bridge.

Further resources

9. Local businessman Jamie Waller owns Harrods Wharf and is hoping it can be used as a jetty by whichever company is selected to operate the interim ferry.

Please note that all aspects of the ferry proposals are subject to planning permission being granted by the relevant authorities.

Hammersmith Residents Bridge Campaign Group led by Alastair Lewis

"A group of local Hammersmith & Fulham residents campaigning for LBH&F Council to do their bit to get Hammersmith Bridge fixed and open to all traffic ASAP. LBH&F own the Bridge and are the biggest player in this drama. We need to keep the pressure on them to co-fund a ferry and part-fund the repairs to this historic bridge" 

Click here to email Alastair and ask to join their WhatsApp group

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