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HBSOS Questionnaire To London Mayoral Candidates re Hammersmith Bridge

Answers in red


This response is from Tony Devenish (Conservative Assembly candidate for West Central London)


1. Do you support the full repair of Hammersmith Bridge to allow it to take vehicular traffic again?


a) All traffic, including buses                                   YES   NO

b) Traffic limited by weight                                      YES   NO


2. If the answer to Q1 was yes, how do you believe this should be funded?


a) By Central Government                                       YES   NO

b) By TFL, by Local Government or                        YES   NO

c) By a combination                                                  YES   NO


If you said yes to c) above, please specify those who should pay and the percentage each should contribute

(no answer given)


a) Do you support a toll charge to raise necessary capital to repair the bridge?          YES   NO

     If yes, who should pay?


b) Should there be a price cap?                                                                                              YES   NO

     If yes, what should the price cap be?

     Should there be any exemptions?                       

 Task Force decision

4. Do you believe that work to stabilise the bridge should start immediately, even before agreement on the funding for the total repair, so that it can be re-opened as soon as possible to pedestrians?       YES   NO


5. A number of short-term measures to alleviate community hardship have been suggested.

    Which of the following do you support?


a) A ferry                                                                     YES    NO

b) A temporary foot bridge                                      YES    NO

c) A temporary road bridge                                     YES    NO

6. If you support a ferry


a) What would you see as the acceptable ticket price?

    A Hopper fare / Taskforce decision

b) Should there be any exemptions?

    Taskforce decision                    

c) Should the ferry operate the same hours as the underground?

    Taskforce decision

7. If you are elected


a) What would be your first action in relation to the Bridge?

To continue to work with the Taskforce, community (both sides of the Bridge) and Clr Andrew Brown / Greg Hands MP / Nick Rogers to expedite opening despite Clr Cowan’s obstructive manner

b) What would be your overall plan for the bridge?


8. Would you be willing to come to the Bridge and be photographed for our website to demonstrate your commitment to finding a solution?                        YES   NO

Or I can send you a photo -  I’ve visited the Bridge multiple times since April 2019


Best wishes Tony Devenish AM (Assembly Member)

Twitter @Tony_devenish

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