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Our 'Hammer The Message' Campaign

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Look out for the signs, banners and posters below which have suddenly appeared around Barnes, Hammersmith and Putney! They've made a big impact with hundreds of emails already sent via the QR codes: if you scan the QR code an email will automatically be generated for you to send to Boris Johnson, Grant Shapps or Stephen Cowan.

They made a big impact with those responsible for the bridge too - workmen have been sent out to remove some of them under the cover of darkness!

But we're not letting that stop us! Please download, print off and QR scan the main image below and then put it in your window. Please ask your neighbours and local shopkeepers to do the same - or even better give them one to put up. (They'll stay dry and last longer if you can laminate them first).

We soon hope to have details of how you can put up a 'For Sale' style board for this campaign outside your house to show your support for the cause and frustration at the speed of progress (or rather lack of it).

Please also take pictures and post on your social media accounts using the hashtags #hammerthemessage and #hammersmithbridge

(Most of our signs target Stephen Cowan and Grant Shapps. We have a small number targeting the PM Boris Johnson but as his Number 10 email is not public our only option is to go through his constituency address. You will receive a message saying that he can only deal with enquiries from his constituents but despite this response his Downing Street team will be updated if they see a good volume of emails coming through).

HammersmithBridge SOS would like to thank all those who generously donated via our GoFundMe page for making this campaign possible. If you haven't donated yet please feel free to do so!

Let's get those emails flooding in!

UPDATE: Over 1600 people have sent emails to the politicians by scanning these codes since the signs went up - despite council contractors trying to remove them.

This is the image for printing (up to A1 size if you have the printer!):

These were the original posters:

(can be printed to A4 but not quite as high resolution as the one above):

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