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We Want Your Video Stories: 6 Months Of Hurt

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Six months ago the bridge was closed fully and we started to campaign for the restoration of a crossing between Barnes and Hammersmith. It's been six months of frustration, broken promises and real hardship for so many in our community. This anniversary coincides with Valentine's Day, so we can add our broken hearts to their broken promises.

The HBSOS Steering Group wants to mark this dismal milestone by, amongst other things, asking you to record videos

It would be wonderful if each of you could find a way of publicly marking this miserable milestone. Maybe something as simple as tying a balloon or a heart to the bridge or Tweeting a six month reminder to all those who have failed us so far.

One thing we would really like you to do is record a short and simple video message on your mobile phone saying what the impact has been on you. Then please use the FREE file transfer service to send your video to Barry Woodward at (please don't use WhatsApp) who will organise for them to be shared onto our website and social media.

To make sure we comply with data rules, when you send the videos to Barry, please confirm that you are happy to allow them to be published in this way. It's really simple to do and would be a great way of marking six months' lack of progress.

Happy Valentine's to everyone!

Tips for filming on your phone:

• DO TURN YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS so you’re filming in landscape (just like your TV)

It will fill the screen better and make it easier to use

• Don’t use the selfie camera! • Don’t Zoom in while filming: on phones this degrades the quality of the video

• DON'T send your video via WhatsApp ! It automatically compresses videos (& pictures) to

reduce file sizes which degrades the quality.

Thank you so much for taking part!

The HammersmithBridgeSOS Team

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