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Children's 'Dear Boris' Christmas Letters...


HammersmithBridgeSOS is planning a high profile media event, delivering letters to Downing Street from children affected by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge.

We also hope that BBCLondon will do an item on the children writing these letters using some videos supplied by parents - ⬇︎ please scroll down ⬇︎ the page for instructions ⬇︎

Childrens Letter to Boris2
Download PDF • 511KB

To print off and distribute this page to others download and print off this file >>>

The bridge closure is causing hardship for thousands of children, making it difficult to get to school, see friends and take part in extra curricular activities. Even for those who don't cross the bridge, traffic gridlock makes life harder. At the very best, we may see it open to pedestrians in early 2022, even the promised ferry is many months away and faces many obstacles. We think the children's voices should be heard!

We are hoping that sacks full of letters handwritten by pupils from South West London, detailing their experiences of getting to school, will have an impact when delivered to Downing Street in front of the full media glare!

Please get your child to write a letter and be part of this initiative!

If you could get your child to write a letter and be part of this initiative, this is what we need – BEFORE 15th DECEMBER PLEASE !

1) Please ask your child to write a short letter to Boris Johnson saying why the bridge

closure affects them and how much they would like to cross it - at least by foot or bike.

2) Put it in an unsealed envelope (so we can save a copy for future use**) addressed to:

Boris Johnson

Hammersmith Bridge (If you’d rather the letter is kept private, just seal it)

3) Now send or deliver your letter (in a second envelope) to:

Michelle Coulter

29 Nassau Road, Barnes, London SW13 9QF

Or just email the letter to and we will do the rest!

Please forward this message to all your family and friends from other local schools, nurseries and churches so we can make the impact of the children's plight heavily felt.

We are hoping to do the delivery around the 10th December.

Thank you for your support!


How to Film - Letter Writing Campaign H
Download • 501KB

To print off the following instructions

please download and print off this file >>>

BBCLondon News have requested that we send them 20 videos of children writing their letters to Boris Johnson. Here are are some simple tips on how to film your child.

Ideally these videos would be no more than 20-30 seconds long. You can film your child writing the letter or film them reading the letter back to you. Unfortunately we have no say in what video will make the cut, so please don’t be disappointed if yours isn’t shown.

When filming on your phone:


• DO TURN YOUR PHONE SIDEWAYS so you’re filming in landscape (just like your TV)

It will fill the screen better and make it easier to use in the edit

• If possible, change your phone to film on a higher resolution:

On iPhones go to ‘Settings”, click on “Camera”:

Then “Record Video”: select “1080 at 60 fps”

On Android in Camera app select Settings (cog symbol):

Then under Rear Camera/Video Size select “FHD (60fps) 0920 x 1080”

Send your video to using the free service

(the file is likely to be bigger than the 25MB attachment limit of most email servers)


• Don’t use the selfie camera! • Don’t Zoom in while filming: on phones this degrades the quality of the video

• DO NOT send your video via WhatsApp !

WhatsApp automatically compresses videos (& pictures) to reduce file sizes which degrades the quality and therefore negates setting the camera up!

On receipt Kia will send you a disclosure so you can sign it to say you agree with your child’s video being shown on TV and Social Media.

Thank you so much for taking part!

The HammersmithBridgeSOS Team

*future use e.g. in an art exhibition about children's experiences during this time

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