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BCA statement re the bridge 24 Aug 2020

The BCA’s statement about the closure of Hammersmith Bridge

( View it on their website here )

Now is the time for urgent action to fast-track the building of the temporary pedestrian and cycling bridge. Those involved in the approval of this new bridge - including the Port of London Authority, the planning team at both Councils and TfL - need to recognise the major impact the closure is having on residents on either side of the river and to prioritise this project as a matter of urgency. Follow this link to sign the petition calling for the Government to fund either a new ridge or repairs for the existing bridge.

Businesses by the bridge have lost all their footfall overnight. Residents who relied on the bridge can’t get to work and school without the upheaval of a long diversion, adding further to the already congested traffic.

This bridge crossing is vital for the majority of residents in Barnes to access transport links, hospitals and other essential services over the river. We need a temporary bridge urgently so we can resume some semblance of normality in a world where we have already had to adapt to the fact that we can’t drive over the bridge.

A temporary bridge will enable children to get to their schools and nurseries without major detours. Importantly it will also allow us to resume the service of our popular e-pedal taxi service helping the elderly and less mobile residents to reach essential services either side of the bridge.

Hammersmith Bridge is a grade II listed, iconic structure in West London and we believe that it should be restored and cherished, not demolished. The bridge needs to be repaired to community use as a priority. We appreciate that this will take a few more years which is why we urgently need a temporary bridge.

In December last year (2019) the BCA partnered with other local charities, schools and churches to create a stronger voice for the community in the discussions with the relevant authorities. Throughout the year we have been talking to politicians and council leaders highlighting the difficulties the bridge closure presents to some sections of our community, expressing our concerns about the lack of progress and urging them to be more proactive. We have also been working with local councillors and council officers to influence TfL to adjust their local bus services in order to respond to changes to commuter routes and passenger movement.

We are hoping that this closure will break the political stalemate and force the Government, TfL and Hammersmith & Fulham Council to come up with the funding needed to repair the bridge.

The BCA sees on a daily basis the impact of the closure of Hammersmith Bridge on local residents. We will do what we can to influence where possible, hopefully at the highest levels to get a temporary bridge installed as soon as possible.

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