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The Independent Campaign For A 

Solution To Hammersmith Bridge

About Us

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We are a group of local residents campaigning for Hammersmith Bridge.
We are all unpaid volunteers with no political affiliations. We are a pressure group - not a charity - seeking to get the situation resolved as quickly as possible for our community.
See who's on our Steering Group here

Our campaign has two main objectives

What We Want


Stop-gap Crossing

First and foremost we need an immediate stop-gap crossing, such as a ferry service or a Bailey bridge, to enable local residents and commuters to cross the Thames here again before 2021.

The closure is having a severe impact on our community's ability to access basic daily needs: schools, work, medical services, shops and transport networks etc. We need a river crossing re-established urgently!


Temporary Bridge and Hammersmith Bridge Repairs

Following the stop-gap crossing a temporary bridge (as already designed and planned) needs to be constructed for pedestrians and cyclists in order to speed up the swift and safe repair and re-opening of Hammersmith Bridge to all traffic.

We want this historic bridge to be repaired and brought back to its full functionality, and to provide many more years of service at such a vital river crossing location.

We support the Government petition to fix Hammersmith Bridge

Email us at info@hammersmithbridgesos.co.uk or hammersmithbridgesos@gmail.com

Email the Hammersmith Residents Bridge Campaign Group at hrbcampaign@gmail.com

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  • Hammersmith Bridge Closure Group
  • Fix Hammersmith Bridge

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