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Valentine's Card Messages From You...

Thank you for sending in - and Tweeting - your messages and rhymes:

Roses are red

Our mood is blue

Hammersmith Bridge

We miss you? Fern Gray

We miss your tube

You miss our schools

Who’s in charge here?

Please not these fools Frank O'Mahoney

Hammersmith Bridge

By politicos, forsaken

Our hearts, you have taken Oliver Waugh

Roses are red

I’m bluer than ever

When will they fix the bridge?

Probably never! Jane Crang

There was once a fine bridge over the river

In rain or shine it was a winner

Then inside it began to rust

And the foundations turned to dust

Now it’s shut we hope not forever GarethWallace

Oh, Hammersmith Bridge, I miss you, I do

You were part of my life when I could cross over you

Now you are shut, and the traffic is bad

Pollution has risen and this makes me sad

I long for the day that I can walk across

As without you in my life, I am at a loss

So I beg the politicians to start working together

To fix you so well that you’re mended forever

Until this day comes my life is on hold

I just hope it happens before I’m too old

To enjoy the pleasure crossing you can bring

As once I can do this, I won’t long for a thing Dionne Bridgeman

In eighteen twenty seven

Oh, it was heaven!

Hammersmith and Barnes

Opened their arms.

But in twenty twenty

Castelnau was empty

When Hammersmith Boror’

Created a furore.

Ferries will rule

Getting kids to school

But parents ask “When?

“Twenty oh one. Perhaps then.”

When’ll the Bridge be reope?”

“Maybe twenty oh six, we hope”

Say slow-coach TfL.

Crikey, that’s hell!

A west-side Temporary Road Bridge

Will relieve us from the current fridge.

And buses must cross

Just as soon as it’s poss! Tim Cunis

Labour is red

Tories are blue

The bridge in the middle

Doesn’t have a clue Fern Gray

The river ain’t wide

But it ebbs and flows

We can’t go on it, or over it

And that truly blows Frank O'Mahoney

The bridge we made red

As our lives are blue

To politicians who do nothing

Here’s a message for you Franc Vissers

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